Idea Manager tool, for cocreation:

available at:

Idea Manager is a tool that enables the Open Innovation approach, being accessible via web by different stakeholders (potential customers, customers, users, producers, managers, employees, suppliers, etc). According to the needs of the Innovation Manager, that here takes the role of moderator, the stakeholders can access the tool with different permissions (to propose new ideas, to vote others ideas, etc) in different moments.

It is possible for example to use the tool to open the company, or organization in general, to ideas coming to inside or outside of it. It allows to share ideas about innovative products, for example created with composite fibers, and to receive feedbacks and comments from experts.

The external potential market can also be involved through the possibility to comment, like, share, and answer to ad hoc surveys.


rEUse platform

available at: (access credentials required)

The rEUse platform is a tool that enables the exchange of information among stakeholders working into and crossing the glass and carbon fibres value chains.

More in detail, the solution supports different value chain stakeholders during the search and acquisition of product lifecycle information about different objects, which had been defined “circular entities”. Circular entities can be products, materials, processes and treatments, wastes, or more. The information available for each circular entity is the one the company itself wants to share and can propose: description, informative details, technical details, processes adopted to create it, consultancy services used, etc.

The rEUse platform will also support the identification and the sharing of physical availability of circular entities (products, wastes, materials, ..) to be re-used, recycled or remanufactured, and also to explicit their demand. The solution will also allow companies to get in touch, creating new connections, enabling new value chains, and creating new market opportunities. The deals which are closed to effective exchanges are tracked and shown into a chart representing the entire eco-system generated. This value-chain representation will be useful for all the stakeholders, including policy makers and authorities. External services could be connected to the IT platform, as for example consultancy services for specific support on specific subjects or choices.


Virtual Library

Please take a look at The Virtual Library for the FiberEUse European project: together with the Physical Library, it has been created for showcasing remanufactured components made with recycled Glass and Carbon Fibers.